Conventional Treatments for cancer are surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy – this has remained largely unchanged for decades. For some cancers these treatments are effective but for many they are not and can have significant side effects.

Alternative Therapies are non-conventional treatments and there are countless stories of people who have used these and gone on to experience a reduction in the size, if not disappearance, of their cancers.

However, the vast majority of people are still only offered conventional treatment options by their medical team – this can give people with cancer the impression that alternative therapies are not even worth looking into since ‘if it was effective it would be prescribed by our doctor’.

The fact is that doctors cannot recommend anything that hasn’t gone though clinical trials.

This puts those people experiencing a cancer diagnosis in a very difficult position since, especially if there is a constraint in pursuing an alternative therapy, they often don’t know what to do for the best.

Even if there is scientific evidence showing that an alternative therapy is effective, a clinical trial needs to have been carried out on a particular cancer type before it can even start to be considered for prescription.


Alternative Cancer Research (altCR) was set up with the mission of funding research projects into alternative therapies by respected institutions in order that they may progress to the clinical trial stage.

The research projects we choose to direct our funding towards are those we believe have the most promise in terms of becoming a viable treatment option.

As discussed above, it is important that research is directed towards a specific cancer type.  As such, our focus will be the type which is currently one of the most neglected in terms of research funding – brain tumors, in particular, those affecting children.

Please visit our Research Projects page for details of alternative therapies we are currently working to fund research into and how you can donate.